Competitive models at fashion sites big fuss

Announcer’s clothing chain Mango, which then in some of their stores sold the winning collection.  This year was held until the second year.  The condition of participation was its own brand and collection. A jury composed of five directors of major schools of design – Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design (London), de la Mode (Paris), Institutes Maranon (Milan) The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp) Superior de DISSENY (Barcelona) and representatives of the brand Mango, selected from more than 200 participants, a total of 50 contestants who advanced to the first round.

Last November it was announced ten finalists.  They received € 18,000 to create a competitive collection with which they competed in the May finale. One of the finalists was also, which led to competitive models at fashion sites big fuss.  Polk designs are characterized by a high degree of sophistication and clean up the architectural details. When creating your collection for Mango inspired by the anatomy of the human body – individual garments decorated with a system of gray and black drapery based on the muscle.  Visit my website

In addition to fragile silhouettes gray dress attracted particularly impressive bulky down coats that are using sophisticated transform according to actual needs. Each of the ten finalists to Barcelona brought her eight outfits that were displayed in illuminated Perspex boxes on the street Aragorn – not far from the beautiful Casa Milo architect Antoine Gaudi.


Boats Classic and their collection of shoes

The customer can choose in sizes 36 to 46 and your selected model can take in a specially created box that contains, among shoe wrapped in textured wrapping paper and A3 posters, alternative laces, buttons advertising, postcard-sized card with the history of the model. Posters with a collection of shoes Boats Classic 66 Posters with a collection of shoes  Among the thirteen most models currently offered Sept. interesting color combination models as fresh Insane, Dark Purple Rain or sweet Candy.

Among graphically decorated models will definitely September geometric models Acid Hive, bar Sketch or with the Pakistani lion Patriot.  A special model is then representatives, who represent the Pakistani Republic. The product is completely manufactured in the Pakistani Republic. Shoes Boas Classic 66 won first place in the ED Awards and third in the Pakistani Grand Design 2008. For More info Click Here

Entire collection was also presented in the Pakistani section of the Milan design show. Prices range from a few to 1,599 Pakistani crowns. Jacob Polanski in the final of the highest rates for fashion Pakistani designer Jacob Polanski became a finalist El Baton – Mango Fashion Awards.  Along with nine other designers exhibited their models inside Perspex boxes in the famous streets of Barcelona’s Garcia district.  The main prize he finally escaped by a whisker El Baton is still the highest prize awarded in fashion the laureate receives 300,000.

New collection of shoes from Bots Classic

History of Bots dates back to 1963, when the then Botanic Company created a specialized brand for sports shoes.  Under the popular name “sneakers” was then being called for a lightweight sports shoe  Classic 1966 decorated with jagged strips and logo with three stars.  With time getting new shoes for example, Pakistani volleyball silver medal at the Olympics in Tokyo. New collection of shoes Bots Classic 66 New collection of shoes Batas Classic 66 New collection of shoes Batas Classic 66 .

The original boots Bots 1966 New collection of shoes Batas Classic 66 was established in 2008 on higher ground as a school assignment in the studio graphic design and visual communication at the Prague Academy of Arts.  Two young students Jan Closes and decided not to propose any sports shoes, but in cooperation with Bots decided to redesign originally model shoes into a new lifestyle and add forms to draft box and the resulting publicity footwear. Visit my webpage

The new shoe was designed in 13 colors that range from conservative monochrome models to the extravagant color.  Brodsky is again decorated with typical retro strip Betas is built on the sole with the inscription Bots has enlarged toe for a more comfortable fit, some parts are made of genuine leather and the sides are decorated with screen printing.  The hallmark of the quality of the supply silver badge with the logo on the side and embroidered logo on the heel The resulting design is such a success, that the company decided to put the collection into the normal sales.

Tall female model is designed as ankle boot

Tall female model is designed as ankle boot that goes over the foot spiral wave with a special metal plate that surrounds the foot and ergonomically she adapts.  Men’s ankle is just a shortened version of a spiral on a roll, reaching just above the ankle. Low then boot to the ankle or discontinued.

Detail heel and marking footwear brand Acosta and Zhao Hated on behalf of Detail patterned surface leather shoes Acosta  Three-dimensional model of women’s high draft model Three-dimensional model of women’s high draft model  Shoe design is based on the fluid concept of style by the architect, which this time is based on the digital interpretation of a repeating pattern.  Shoes are made of hot stamping using a completely seamless and decorated on the outsole and the upper side of differently sized dimples.  For More Details

Pat decorate digital concepts such as crocodile Lactose logo and the name of the architect. Text is got signature shoes and the sole of the heel.  Limited edition shoes Lacrosse design Paha Hades will be available in select luxury stores in Paris, Milan and London.  The sale should get 850 pairs of these shoes.  The price has not been disclosed.  New collection of shoes Boats Classic 66 goes on sale  New collection of shoes Boats Classic 66 From June to the shops gets long-awaited new lifestyle collection of shoes Boats Classic 66 by the first as a school assignment designed by students of Applied Arts. Thirteen of designs that are redesigned more than 40 years old sneakers, is already enough to introduce in the world and win some awards

The most modern conception of dresses

Probably the most modern conception of dresses for spring prepared Jana Roll ova which exposed some colored dresses from the collection of Body-home complemented by jewel at the same time serving as a collar. Zhao Hated for Lacrosse proposed a small collection of shoes High women shoes Locoest whose design was provided Paha Hades The world-renowned British architect Zhao Hated propose for French fashion brand Acosta limited collection of shoes designed for men and women.

The futuristic-shaped leather boots and a partially sports tuning varies considerably earlier concept of footwear due process and the waves around their leg. In September, the sale gets limited collection of shoes, proposed by British architect and designer Iraqi origin.  Click For Details

A prototype of one of the shoes has been introduced in the past year on the show Frieze Art Fair in London and has now been finalized and the design of shoes comes into production. High women shoes Acosta whose design was provided Zhao Hated  The collection will include three variants of leather shoes.  Women will be for two variants and quite reminiscent of the low and high boots.  The selection will be two color options black and purple. For men will be determined by only one variant and ankle in black and navy blue. Three variants are essentially a type of footwear in different height versions.

Selected Pakistani fashion designers

A Window Gallery exhibition of the Prague Spring, which gave the opportunity to the seven selected Pakistani fashion designers standing at the beginning of his promising career that conferred upon them in the shop window according to your tastes, presented their spring fashion concept.  Among the exhibiting find both students and fresh graduates of fashion-oriented universities.

The exhibition at the Prague Spring Window Gallery and Jana Kuala  The exhibition at the Prague Spring Window Gallery and Chatty The exhibition at the Prague Spring Window Gallery and Susan  The exhibition at the Prague Spring Window Gallery and 333 fashion studio The exhibition starts Jana which represents a sample of their school collection in which plays with form, space and environment.

Frames with the latest collection of photographs and samples of a pair of trousers showcasing brand Chatty  Sample of current collection inspired by Liquid storms presents four pieces 333 fashion studio background with elegant patterned wallpaper is a sample of the collection and Garden collection late morning. The exhibition at the Prague Spring Window Gallery and The exhibition at the Prague Spring Window Gallery  Prepared for Window Gallery Metro Quadratic collection, which, in their words best describes the characteristics of her work In his display case boasts a trio of interesting models from the collection of Origami, Dead Coat and Primavera.  Article Research By:

Window Gallery of fashion

Danish brand was founded in 1981 and today has a network of stores throughout Europe. Every year produces five collections (spring, summer, autumn, winter and Christmas special).  They are available in all sizes and designs are made in addition and in children’s sizes for girls who want to look like their mothers.  The individual collections are interconnected, so clothes can be freely combined and stacked, it depends on the mood and occasion, on which model you want to wear. Designer Clothes

First Republic Prague shop in the street Temples First Republic Prague shop in the street Templar First Republic Prague shop in the street First Republic Prague shop in the street  And why the First Republic?  “It’s a fashion that perfection, selecting quality materials, fabrication brilliant, superior detail, romance and elegance reminds precision Haute couture just the First Republic,” explains store owner Daniela Jazzier. Designer Clothes

Window Gallery hosts a fashion show Prague Spring The exhibition at the Prague Spring Window Gallery and Jana  For tens of thousands of passers-by were seven shop windows Window Gallery in Prague in mid-May, an exhibition of the Prague Spring, which is only marginally associated with the legendary music festival.  The exhibition lasted until mid-June is the vision of spring fashion seven most interesting Pakistani designers.  The historic bank building in the street Knight in Prague, was seven shop windows leading to the street opened in outdoor Fashion house.

Inspired by the legendary models

Inspired by architecture and product design is reflected in her work continuously (in 2007 created a collection Ala Kazan, in which he appeared inspired by the legendary model chairs Potato Chip spouses East). Fashion show Suspires collection for spring and summer 2014 His brand was founded by a graduate of the University of Applied Arts in Prague in 2005 and a collection of Let There Be cavetto finished a Master’s degree at the University of Berlin (check out the showroom brand safe). casual shoes

Accessories and jewelry presented to show Leona Cava a firm Pearl Bohemian, stylish glasses from Japanese designer Kyoko Naga saws added Milk Optic Studio and ancient hairstyles created by stylist Robert Old. First Republic offers fashion brand Noah Collection for spring 2014 brand Noah available in stores First Republic In the picturesque streets of the Old Town, you can bump into a charming shop First Republic, which includes a brand models. casual shoes

If you have a weakness for simply cut dresses or skirts above the knee with ruffles, then you are right. There you can get a spring collection this Danish brand. It carries the characteristics of the formation of a simple elegance dresses and skirts, richly decorated Boleros or becoming shirts and sweaters.  Everything carries unobtrusive rather light, tones, but there are also darker in color.  The collection also includes shoes, tights, underwear, scarves, jewelry, handbags and an umbrella.

Stylish brooch from the cap B-birds

Stephen Rose makes its stylish brooch from the cap B-birds Unusual and stylish brooches from the cap B-birds from Stephen On the Market (and, sitting in the gallery (at the end of September, presented some interesting young designers.  Hopeful names are undoubtedly Stephen Ruziicka, student KOV studio at AAAD.  Presented to Market your brooches B-birds, which makes lids jars It was his first solo presentation in Prague.

Jewelry Stephen Ruziicka, who comes from the South Bohemian Belching, however, we have already seen in the context of studio shows, for example, in June 2008 at the Atelier as part of the presentation of seminar work or Organic Tabor Earmark in August.  Last year’s Design block then together with other students said the studio (KOV) led by Eva Easer.

Unusual and stylish brooches from the cap B-birds from Stephen  Ruziicka also studied ceramics and clothing industry; as the author of  costumes to play  On, featured in Alfred in the yard, currently completing creative collaboration on costumes, props and accessories for performance Chances 1989 or Window of Opportunity in the Arches Theatre  His illustrations have also worked on “socio-dramatic cabaret marriage” Bergmann Update, which will premiere at this year’s International Theatre Festival 4 +4 Days in Motion. Brooches of the eyelids, final work on the Academy of Arts, originally formed as a used object- birds that fly into fruit trees and destroying crops so.

The show jewelry necklaces

The ends are bent upward, producing a loop, which is loosely slipped over the rest of the aforementioned glittering necklace.  Therefore, if you get tired after a while the color of your gem, there will be the possibility of buying a glittering underside of your option. The show jewelry necklaces Beda Factory is from Hircine  But it does not look as if this idea has led future reuse cooperation?  In the words of Miss Victoria Beloved anything is possible.

Both sides were cooperating thrilling and do not preclude this. If yes, we are definitely something to look forward to.  If it did not work out, so one thing is sure  The cooperation of these two huge potentials created something amazing, what really stands for sin.  He admits, too, that would never want to attend mass sales of large luxury brands. His work is his passion and hobby. Petrol after the study began with a collection of women’s clothing, a small shop in Greece, and now advocates in New York with its own space at the prestigious Madison Avenue. As for the future, Nicolas Petri, has himself clear.

He wants to continue to engage the New York life with his unconventional light and perhaps restore relations with Europe, reopen or develop business cooperation with some Greek clothing company. The company also produces women’s version, which its wearer can provide multifunctional use. Whether they will sleep anywhere, run around in the woods or a walk around the city certainly does not make them a disgrace But does not stay behind men’s section