Competitive models at fashion sites big fuss

Announcer’s clothing chain Mango, which then in some of their stores sold the winning collection.  This year was held until the second year.  The condition of participation was its own brand and collection. A jury composed of five directors of major schools of design – Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design (London), de la Mode (Paris), Institutes Maranon (Milan) The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp) Superior de DISSENY (Barcelona) and representatives of the brand Mango, selected from more than 200 participants, a total of 50 contestants who advanced to the first round.

Last November it was announced ten finalists.  They received € 18,000 to create a competitive collection with which they competed in the May finale. One of the finalists was also, which led to competitive models at fashion sites big fuss.  Polk designs are characterized by a high degree of sophistication and clean up the architectural details. When creating your collection for Mango inspired by the anatomy of the human body – individual garments decorated with a system of gray and black drapery based on the muscle.  Visit my website

In addition to fragile silhouettes gray dress attracted particularly impressive bulky down coats that are using sophisticated transform according to actual needs. Each of the ten finalists to Barcelona brought her eight outfits that were displayed in illuminated Perspex boxes on the street Aragorn – not far from the beautiful Casa Milo architect Antoine Gaudi.


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