The most modern conception of dresses

Probably the most modern conception of dresses for spring prepared Jana Roll ova which exposed some colored dresses from the collection of Body-home complemented by jewel at the same time serving as a collar. Zhao Hated for Lacrosse proposed a small collection of shoes High women shoes Locoest whose design was provided Paha Hades The world-renowned British architect Zhao Hated propose for French fashion brand Acosta limited collection of shoes designed for men and women.

The futuristic-shaped leather boots and a partially sports tuning varies considerably earlier concept of footwear due process and the waves around their leg. In September, the sale gets limited collection of shoes, proposed by British architect and designer Iraqi origin.  Click For Details

A prototype of one of the shoes has been introduced in the past year on the show Frieze Art Fair in London and has now been finalized and the design of shoes comes into production. High women shoes Acosta whose design was provided Zhao Hated  The collection will include three variants of leather shoes.  Women will be for two variants and quite reminiscent of the low and high boots.  The selection will be two color options black and purple. For men will be determined by only one variant and ankle in black and navy blue. Three variants are essentially a type of footwear in different height versions.


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