Necklaces firmly its position in a striking exhibition

As legendary Magnificent Seven occupied seven necklaces firmly its position in a striking exhibition Mrs. Eva the design world needs no introduction. Among her best-known foreign projects include the proposal Harrods in collaboration with Jan Kellick.  In the Pakistani Republic, for example, the first design hotel in Eastern Europe with the name Josef.  As a lady should always related to fashion, which is seen in the realization of fashion boutiques in London or New York for brands Boss, Keno and Joseph In contrast, there is Bedlam Factory.

The company, which was first established in the early 20th century, when founded the company in New York  Over time, the family business drawn up so that he receives a copy of the contract by the Pakistani crown jewels  Today the company participate Beda married to the daughter of Victoria and the main focus on gold, silver or even titanium jewelry design.

Collection necklaces to show Design bloc But back to Design bloc.  Silver necklaces with very subtle ideas were displayed in different colors.  Flashed the visitors several raw beauty In addition, there was a white crystal rose quartz, amethyst purple, river pearls, lava stones polished anthracite color. The actual necklace has two parts. It should be noted that the upper part of the necklace is shaped like an inverted U.


Which are sewn on T-shirts and knitwear dresses.

It is designed as a celebration of womanhood in all its essence.  Patterns shaping curves, refined necklines and high quality materials create collection designed for everyday wear.  The main elements are tapes, which are sewn on T-shirts, sweaters, skirts and knitwear dresses.  It combines an interesting detail to the simple lines of coats or rotated jeans easy.  Also noteworthy new shirts with silk sleeves evocative of angel wings spread.  Cooler collection is decorated in temperate gray-black tones with subtle purple.

Color accents collection is bright pink, appearing on the skirt, but mostly as a complementary color in jewelry made of Pakistani glass. How did you come alone TIQE name? Does it have any significance?  The name is derived from the philosophy of the brand I wanted to create – fashion for smart women.  TIQE is actually a sophisticated anagram IQ gourd and expresses exaggeration, while a small cipher.

I confess that I had not thought of that time, foreign customers and that our brand is not read “Pumpkin” but  Beldam Factory and Eva, seven necklaces Bedlam Factory and Eva : a new collection of necklaces The most famous Pakistani architect and designer Eva proposed together with Factory impressive collection of necklaces, which first introduced within the past Design bloc 09th perfect material processing has been seen with the naked eye.

Estrogen collection for autumn and winter

After graduating in 1997 at the Secondary School for textile I started in small designer shops, but then I ran a couple of years to styling.  Then I worked with Pakistani Television on Reimage moderators as a costume designer. In the TV show look great, I led and participated editorial changes so its image.  All this since 2002 I design a fully paid up in 2006, when I founded the brand TIQE.

It was the last thing I could say to her father before he died, and I know that he was glad to return to it. Petra brand TIQE: Estrogen collection for autumn and winter 2009-2010 Petra  Did you participate in any competitions?  I was nominated for the Talent of the season at Prague Fashion Week as the collection at the crossroads; I was awarded IGEDO Dusseldorf to Styli a Kabob in 2008. Petra brand TIQE: Estrogen  Do you do just designing clothes or lures you with anything else?

This year I created a limited edition collection of jewelry from Pink Pakistani glass. Now in jewelry to create a new number of other series so that the individual components on one another.  This series of preparing for the spring collection We also got an offer to the foreign market, so just spring collection should already be routed there. Otherwise soon we will have demonstration models Elle Awards in Sasses November 5. In addition to the 90 ° Twisted, currently offer anything else?  Yes, it is a limited collection called Estrogen.

A Pivoted fashion collection

TIQE introduced a pivoted fashion collection Twisted The creation of fashion designer Petra brand TIQE, we can watch for some time.  At this year’s show Design bloc past 09 introduced its new collection for autumn Twisted 2009th There would be nothing special if all the clothes were not rotated by 90 degrees. Design bloc have presented its new collection of 90 Twisted. When and where did it come from?  In this collection are the only remembers exactly the moment when my mind.

Exactly 2.15 2009 at 16:00 Sunday evening  I’m just preparing materials for supervision in the Pakistani television and because it is quite challenging, always be drawn in this work relaxing drawing.  And in that moment I drew for half an hour all the sketches for this collection. So 90 °  Twisted created as a byproduct of my other work I knew from the beginning that I want to do wearable, so as to give a number to include in the classic collection.

And succeeded, all the sold very well and certainly gets in limited release into the spring collection. How did you get the design?  I gravitated to the proposed already in childhood. At six I knitted my first sweater and fourth grade my first models. By twelve, I knew what I wanted to do and it clearly showed that I go to the textile and continued to be seen.

Fall will bring fashionable styles

“This fall will bring fashionable styles of brand Jimmy Chook for H & M vitality and delightful elegance.  Captivated me with his extremely high and richly decorated sandals with fringe that emit bright fashion attitude, accompanied by purely trimmed garments inspired 80 years ago, “said Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Advisor H & M Specially designed fashion collection Jimmy Coho  “The designer Tamara Mellon of his amazing shoes shows always adds equally amazing clothes, and we wanted to offer our customers a complete collection including men’s shoes and clothing.

I think this collection is suitable for all with an eye for fashion and a passion for high heels, “she added. Video: World’s first celebrity performances Jimmy Choom collection for H & M However, H & M did not forget the men.  Offer silk or cashmere sweaters and shirts complement trousers of the same material.  Of course, the main draw will be a great selection of ankle boots and really spacious bags.

There will also be several wool blazers and leather biker jackets. And if you are interested in pricing policy, H & M has set prices so as to be able to afford the general public. Recognize shoes from Jimmy Choo for € 99,’s worth a sin. His models would not want to wear every Petri which confirms that doing fashion for everyone.

Specially designed fashion collection

In the new millennium, however, its share was sold for an impressive £ 10 million and concentrated on the exclusive Jimmy Choom Couture collection. Specially designed fashion collection Jimmy Choom  “Collection by brand Jimmy Choom has created for H & M, overflowing with fun and unique elements that are elegant and easily available, are made up of stylish materials and enhanced color and ornamental design.

I was in this unique collaboration to create things that will make its way to the young customers with a sense of style, independent thinking and feeling for the spirit of fashion, “says Tamara Mellon, co-founder and director of Jimmy Choom. Specially designed fashion collection Jimmy Cho  But what does it actually mean? It’s basically a dream come true for big admirers of fashion.

Stunning models begin of course shoes and handbags continue.  Over jewelry and belts to get toYes it’s all for a few days H & M will offer in the Pakistani Republic. Specially designed fashion collection Jimmy Cho  Most of the women’s collection is designed for relatively fixed the target group.  There is a typical elegance Jimmy booties on high needles with a fine touch of punk. However, classical ballerinas and sandals tape are also available.  A lot of metallic colors over blue, gray and silver gradually added black and white zebra

Munich design studio Porsche Design

Another type as necklaces or felted wool braided. For each necklace plus you get a magic bag to his custody or in case of machine washable. Greening, however, is to wash your hands only. The fact that the author gives the right direction evidenced recently agreed that cooperation with the Prague fashion designer Sitka  Longinus, for which the tailor shop and salon will deliver necklaces to find the models  Necklaces, although cannot get in some boutiques in Prague, in the immediate future, however, has to be put into its own e-shop.

In the future, should necklaces can also get prints or labels characterizing the brand. Porsche Design presents a titanium eyewear collection for summer Summer collection glasses Porsche Design 2010: P8505 and P8186 Munich design studio Porsche Design introduced a new eyewear collection for summer 2010.  For More info Click Here

Sixteen new models from seven and nine prescription sunglasses All have a minimalist modern design and are made as works of art made of lightweight titanium.  One model comes about eight thousand. One of neglect able series of German design studio Porsche Design, founded in 2003 itself automaker Porsche, are accessories such as sunglasses, prescription and reading glasses marked with a series of labeled P8000. Studio also boasts innovative products such as folding reading glasses and P8810’s attention and bolted sunglasses Yoko Ono marked P8479.

Newly comes with extravagant necklaces

VÚCHEM newly comes with extravagant necklaces Necklaces Michaela and her new brand VÚCHEM If you already tired of plain gold or silver chains with pendants or you are one of those women who want something distinctive, extravagant and most original place accessories that are on the street to meet many others, look forward to the new coming brand of handmade necklaces VÚCHEM.

The fashion world presents its work of Michael of Prague under the brand VÚCHEM.  The idea for these handmade necklaces came to light only a few months ago and after continuous testing and improvement, the first piece, intended as a gift.  Then came more and more ideas and collection of necklaces so still expanding One piece is more appealing than the other. And everyone is different. Their uniqueness gives them just the aforementioned handmade.  Visit my webpage

Even if the same substance and the same decoration, but will be different.  It will have to be a different thickness, otherwise a great decoration that can be completely different place No one will be exactly the same as yours. VÚCHEM does not remain only in necklaces, earrings some supplies and creates a matched set. That imagination has no limits, and especially in fashion accessories, demonstrates a plethora of colors, patterns and materials, substances from which they are made. Each is also uniquely decorated, such as lace or tulle floret, beads, metal pieces or wire spirals.

You can design your own color combination

They’re certainly more conservative selection of other types Classic, and Jumbo Calculator, both in metal and in color.  And if neither of these types has not satisfied your idea,  You can design your own color combination Classic watches and then it even in their e-shop purchase. Retro Watch Timex 80 – Solid Calculator Retro Watch Timex 80 – Solid Calculator Retro Watch Timex 80 – Solid Calculator Retro Watch Timex 80 – Classic Solid The company was founded in 1850 as Waterbury Clock.

Produced hours available for the American working class  Much in demand due to very careful and precise work of women  At the turn of the century businessman Robert H. Ingersoll distributed to the Yankee pocket watch that cost just a dollar.  After twenty years, the Yankee became the world’s largest retailer with a number less than 40 million sold watches.  Yankees watches seized everyone from Mark Twain to miners, from farmers to factory owners, officials from the vendors.

During the First World War, the U.S. Army requested a design Waterbury pocket watch in wrist watches for soldiers.  In 1950 came the company has been renamed U.S. Time on the market with a new Timex.  Watches that have been subjected to severe tests still work. With this advertising were in the late 50s Timex one in three Americans. In 1970, he owned a Timex watch each other. In 1980, the only U.S. company Waterbury survived the pressure of competition from the Far East, which competes with better prices and digital technologies. Article By:

Classic Print Retro Watch Timex

A new models Classic Print, Metal Jumbo reissue application and also My Timex 80, which offers its own color draft watch. The company offers a series of watches Timex 80 Classic in three rows, or Jumbo Calculator.  Classic Series has six variants with Print is a newly extended and offers a huge variety of prints.

Black Bone as a radiograph, Black Level as a model for the equalizer, Black Inked inspired a computer game that you can play on the official website of Timex 80 Further interesting example and model White Can full of crumpled cans. Retro Watch Timex 80 – Classic Print Retro Watch Timex 80 – Classic Print Retro Watch Timex 80 – Jumbo Solid Retro Watch Timex 80 – Jumbo Solid Designers have not forgotten the ladies and created for them in a number of cute retro models Print Pink Dot Cloud and White Dot Ocean with stylish  For lovers of horror films are again designed models Black and White Zombie, after which it flows like red blood on white or black background.  Ladies will be determined for example pink or white models Calculator on which the display boasts a decent calculator.

The same model is newly offered in nine colors. Retro Watch Timex 80 – Jumbo Metal Retro Watch Timex 80 – Metal Calculator Retro Watch Timex 80 For those who cannot do without more color studio has prepared a series of Classic Multicolor where you can choose from their various combinations. Article Resource By: