Window Gallery of fashion

Danish brand was founded in 1981 and today has a network of stores throughout Europe. Every year produces five collections (spring, summer, autumn, winter and Christmas special).  They are available in all sizes and designs are made in addition and in children’s sizes for girls who want to look like their mothers.  The individual collections are interconnected, so clothes can be freely combined and stacked, it depends on the mood and occasion, on which model you want to wear. Designer Clothes

First Republic Prague shop in the street Temples First Republic Prague shop in the street Templar First Republic Prague shop in the street First Republic Prague shop in the street  And why the First Republic?  “It’s a fashion that perfection, selecting quality materials, fabrication brilliant, superior detail, romance and elegance reminds precision Haute couture just the First Republic,” explains store owner Daniela Jazzier. Designer Clothes

Window Gallery hosts a fashion show Prague Spring The exhibition at the Prague Spring Window Gallery and Jana  For tens of thousands of passers-by were seven shop windows Window Gallery in Prague in mid-May, an exhibition of the Prague Spring, which is only marginally associated with the legendary music festival.  The exhibition lasted until mid-June is the vision of spring fashion seven most interesting Pakistani designers.  The historic bank building in the street Knight in Prague, was seven shop windows leading to the street opened in outdoor Fashion house.


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