Inspired by the legendary models

Inspired by architecture and product design is reflected in her work continuously (in 2007 created a collection Ala Kazan, in which he appeared inspired by the legendary model chairs Potato Chip spouses East). Fashion show Suspires collection for spring and summer 2014 His brand was founded by a graduate of the University of Applied Arts in Prague in 2005 and a collection of Let There Be cavetto finished a Master’s degree at the University of Berlin (check out the showroom brand safe). casual shoes

Accessories and jewelry presented to show Leona Cava a firm Pearl Bohemian, stylish glasses from Japanese designer Kyoko Naga saws added Milk Optic Studio and ancient hairstyles created by stylist Robert Old. First Republic offers fashion brand Noah Collection for spring 2014 brand Noah available in stores First Republic In the picturesque streets of the Old Town, you can bump into a charming shop First Republic, which includes a brand models. casual shoes

If you have a weakness for simply cut dresses or skirts above the knee with ruffles, then you are right. There you can get a spring collection this Danish brand. It carries the characteristics of the formation of a simple elegance dresses and skirts, richly decorated Boleros or becoming shirts and sweaters.  Everything carries unobtrusive rather light, tones, but there are also darker in color.  The collection also includes shoes, tights, underwear, scarves, jewelry, handbags and an umbrella.


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