Boats Classic and their collection of shoes

The customer can choose in sizes 36 to 46 and your selected model can take in a specially created box that contains, among shoe wrapped in textured wrapping paper and A3 posters, alternative laces, buttons advertising, postcard-sized card with the history of the model. Posters with a collection of shoes Boats Classic 66 Posters with a collection of shoes  Among the thirteen most models currently offered Sept. interesting color combination models as fresh Insane, Dark Purple Rain or sweet Candy.

Among graphically decorated models will definitely September geometric models Acid Hive, bar Sketch or with the Pakistani lion Patriot.  A special model is then representatives, who represent the Pakistani Republic. The product is completely manufactured in the Pakistani Republic. Shoes Boas Classic 66 won first place in the ED Awards and third in the Pakistani Grand Design 2008. For More info Click Here

Entire collection was also presented in the Pakistani section of the Milan design show. Prices range from a few to 1,599 Pakistani crowns. Jacob Polanski in the final of the highest rates for fashion Pakistani designer Jacob Polanski became a finalist El Baton – Mango Fashion Awards.  Along with nine other designers exhibited their models inside Perspex boxes in the famous streets of Barcelona’s Garcia district.  The main prize he finally escaped by a whisker El Baton is still the highest prize awarded in fashion the laureate receives 300,000.


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