New collection of shoes from Bots Classic

History of Bots dates back to 1963, when the then Botanic Company created a specialized brand for sports shoes.  Under the popular name “sneakers” was then being called for a lightweight sports shoe  Classic 1966 decorated with jagged strips and logo with three stars.  With time getting new shoes for example, Pakistani volleyball silver medal at the Olympics in Tokyo. New collection of shoes Bots Classic 66 New collection of shoes Batas Classic 66 New collection of shoes Batas Classic 66 .

The original boots Bots 1966 New collection of shoes Batas Classic 66 was established in 2008 on higher ground as a school assignment in the studio graphic design and visual communication at the Prague Academy of Arts.  Two young students Jan Closes and decided not to propose any sports shoes, but in cooperation with Bots decided to redesign originally model shoes into a new lifestyle and add forms to draft box and the resulting publicity footwear. Visit my webpage

The new shoe was designed in 13 colors that range from conservative monochrome models to the extravagant color.  Brodsky is again decorated with typical retro strip Betas is built on the sole with the inscription Bots has enlarged toe for a more comfortable fit, some parts are made of genuine leather and the sides are decorated with screen printing.  The hallmark of the quality of the supply silver badge with the logo on the side and embroidered logo on the heel The resulting design is such a success, that the company decided to put the collection into the normal sales.


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