Stylish brooch from the cap B-birds

Stephen Rose makes its stylish brooch from the cap B-birds Unusual and stylish brooches from the cap B-birds from Stephen On the Market (and, sitting in the gallery (at the end of September, presented some interesting young designers.  Hopeful names are undoubtedly Stephen Ruziicka, student KOV studio at AAAD.  Presented to Market your brooches B-birds, which makes lids jars It was his first solo presentation in Prague.

Jewelry Stephen Ruziicka, who comes from the South Bohemian Belching, however, we have already seen in the context of studio shows, for example, in June 2008 at the Atelier as part of the presentation of seminar work or Organic Tabor Earmark in August.  Last year’s Design block then together with other students said the studio (KOV) led by Eva Easer.

Unusual and stylish brooches from the cap B-birds from Stephen  Ruziicka also studied ceramics and clothing industry; as the author of  costumes to play  On, featured in Alfred in the yard, currently completing creative collaboration on costumes, props and accessories for performance Chances 1989 or Window of Opportunity in the Arches Theatre  His illustrations have also worked on “socio-dramatic cabaret marriage” Bergmann Update, which will premiere at this year’s International Theatre Festival 4 +4 Days in Motion. Brooches of the eyelids, final work on the Academy of Arts, originally formed as a used object- birds that fly into fruit trees and destroying crops so.


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