Jeremy Scott and his collection for spring and summer

The closest official store as Berlin or Warsaw, but also Paris, London and the whole range of Italian cities such as Rome, Milan and Naples The specialty is variegated store in Shanghai, designed by Kolas’ himself.  Prices for individual pieces are around three to four thousand crowns apiece, which is quite comparable price with other brand shoes.

Order can be directly on the manufacturer’s website. Jeremy Scott designed a more provocative spring collection Jeremy Scott and his collection for spring and summer 2014 Controversial fashion designer and also one of the current icons Jeremy Scott has a new fashion collection for Spring and Summer referring to the 80s.  New are also extravagant ankle boots for the brand Adidas. New to them experimenting with a plush bear is approaching the current extreme pop culture.  Just Click Here

There are also a funny glasses and a limited edition Swatch watches. Jeremy Scott is a designer maid of celebrities such as Christina Aquileia, Rosanna, Justin Timberlake, Bayonet, Lady Gaga and Konya West.  Karl Lagerfeld said of him, that’s the only contemporary designer who would replace him when he could, to leave Chanel.  Each year presents its new collection for miles different than the previous. His models are more conceptual than wearable, cheeky and provocative. Jeremy himself says that he is inspired by pop culture, fast food restaurants and Mackey Mouse.


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